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“Do not be like servants who serve their masters expecting to receive a reward; be rather like servants who serve their master unconditionally, with no thought of reward.” – Antigonus of Sokho

I will admit when we first started with D/s this was a hard concept.  Not the part about serving my Master but the part about not expecting anything in return. If we are all a little honest with ourselves it is probably a hard concept for most of us. We are surrounded by a self-centered civilization. I will scratch your back but only if you scratch mine. Otherwise why should I bother. I often serve my husband and get asked “Why do you do that for him?” ” He is a grown man…can’t he do that himself?”  Well duh- ofcourse he can but I want to…..correction I choose to do it for Him.

I am not talking about when I relationship is new. In a new relationship you loving do things for each other. Quickly trying to ease the others burden or bring a smile to their face, cause it is new and exciting. I am talking about established relationships. The ones where you have years in and things are becoming more routine than loving relationship. You no longer certain if you are lovers or room mates.

* I will add the disclaimer here- I mean healthy relationships–not abusive whether physically, emotional, or verbal. If you don’t feel safe, get out. 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Call if you feel you need help. * 


When I had my light bulb moment about my service to my Master I realized I really do get joy out of serving Him. Sure my friends think I am crazy because I lay out his clothes for Him. I make Him breakfast before I go to work  on Fridays because it is His day off. I enjoy keeping a clean and tidy house. If those things make Him happy and make His day a little easier…why wouldn’t I do them? He works hard and it is my way of saying thank you to Him. He usually tells me thank you or that he is proud of me. Sometimes it is a just a look of relief after he has had a really long day. When he comes home and knows His castle will be clean and there is food waiting. He is a much happier guy.  Mind you except for one day of the week I am not home when He gets home. I am at my full-time job; but I know how much it means to Him so I make sure things are done to the best of my ability before I leave each morning. My tasks may include- Making the bed, wiping down the counters in kitchen, making sure dishes are in the dish washer, just straightening up the living room before I leave. Literally if I counted it out all of that takes about ten minutes out of my morning. SO why not do it if it means he is relaxed when he gets home.  Now he does some things for me as well to make my day easier, but that is a topic for another day.


Now there are days where the last thing I want to do is chores around the house. I am human after all. I may be having a grumpy day and want nothing more than to curl up on the couch and do nothing all night, but I still do the chores. Now being the very good Dom and Hubby that He is- He can usually tell way before I even can: that I am in a grumpy mood. He will usually then tell me to not worry about the chores and to just come be His babygirl who needs to cuddle. That is fine by me as well of course, lol. Also I find when the outside world is getting too crazy for me ; my routines and service to Him calm me. They remind me where I fit and who loves me.

So I encourage you to find a task you want to do for your Sir/Master/ Daddy ( all other names as well caregiver, Domme, etc) and do it with a full and giving heart. See if you can give all you can to that one task and not expect anything in return. Even if they do not comment on it- leave it be. Do not look for praise but see if you can find peace with in your heart and pride in yourself for doing your task well.

I may have rambled a bit in this one but I needed to get back into writing again. Until next time lovies.







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  1. Early in our D/s journey I came across an article “A Day In The Life Of A Slave Serving Her Master” by sub kathleen (http://bit.ly/2cyi0vK) and this paragraph really stuck with me – “The entire time i am moving from task to task i’m thinking about how hard Master works to provide for U/us and how it pleases him to come home to a clean well-kept and organized home, how generous He is in showing His pride and appreciation for my service. i am comforted in the knowledge that what i do allows Master to completely focus His attentions at work, confident i have the home front all taken care of. Yes my heart is full, i have purpose.”

    I struggle with house work because of the way I was raised but I try and he’s good with that. It’s doing the little things like making his lunch, refilling his drink, finding the things he can’t, that bring me joy. I don’t expect praise for the things I do, but he often expresses his appreciation for how I take care of him. I’m glad to know he is happy and has a few less worries because I have taken them off his plate.

    And this sentence of yours I really love – “Do not look for praise but see if you can find peace with in your heart and pride in yourself for doing your task well.”


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