Not so Wicked Wednesday…

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It has been a very long week and it is only Wednesday…Dear Lord I may not make it to Friday at this rate.  A long serious talk with Sir,  new medications to help kick this ear infection I have had, ADD and anxiety on the rise…..sigh  it is a lot to handle in such a short time.  I am too emotional but know my hormones are playing a part in that as well.

I have a few topics I am working on to get Pearls and Panties more regular again. I know I have said that before but one of the topics will be “Adult ADD and Submissive me” so I can show you ways I cope with my ADD.

So go forth my lovies and be wicked….goodness knows one of us should and I am not sure I can handle the job today, lol.

Until next time 🙂




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