My busy mind….

My mind is busy. It is always busy. It can be very hard to focus on one thing, one thought, on task. Yeah I pretty much have six thoughts at once. One thing leads to the next and another, and another. It is very tiring. Let me explain…

I have an ADD mind…I forget things, get hyper focused on others, lose track of time, get easily distracted by the simplest thing,  etc.

OK follow me on this…..I may think…I have to do the laundry when I get home. Can I wait until tomorrow? NO I should really get it done today. DO I have enough laundry soap? Oh I need to go to Target. What else do I need to get? OH I left the list at home. Wait where did I put the list?? I will look for it when I get home. I think I am supposed to go somewhere after work….did the kid have an appointment? Oh wait…I have to get the schedules filled for work.

This goes on all day long. Sometimes the thoughts get so far along I can’t always remember what it started with. I find it gets worst when I am overwhelmed with other things. I recently started taking ADD meds to help but meds aren’t a total fix. There are other things I now do to help.

Sir helped me create a schedule. I am able to follow it pretty well and he can remind me to see if I am on task if he knows I should be moved on to something else by that point. It is a way for me to know what I need to get done in a certain time and he isn’t frustrated because I forgot something.

It is very frustrating to forget to do something I know I need to do. I can think all day that I have to pick up something from the store. Remember it for hours then suddenly I get to store get distracted think of the 50 other things I wanted to get and forget the one item I actually needed. OR I can start a task Sir asked me to do–then get so hyper focused on it I forget the 6 other things I would have usually done during the day…very annoying for both of us.

I create To DO lists at home and at work. This had been a huge help.

Sir reminds me to do stuff for myself…I draw and like to color. IF I am overwhelmed he will mention that he hasn’t seen any new drawing and he might request one.

I also keep a bullet journal type planner. I monitor my meds, schedules, water, workouts and moods in there. It has actually worked out really well for me. I can keep quick lists in one place so I can look back later if I need to.

I have fidgets objects at my desk at work. I find I can focus better if I have something quiet to fidget with.

I break my day up so I am not sitting for long extended periods of times. I will go crazy if I have to sit for eight straight hours. I have a desk job so I make a point to get up every so often and just move. Bathroom break, get a drink of water, whatever just to get out of my chair for a minute helps.

IF you have or live with someone with ADD or ADHD let me know how you manage. What types of things do you do to stay focused or help your partner stay on track?



One thought on “My busy mind….

  1. Sir has ADD which he manages with medication. He also keeps checklists if he is working on a big project for work or at home. I have MS and depression/anxiety which cause me to be forgetful. We do daily planning on our big whiteboard and I have an organizer app on my iPad and phone. My biggest frustration is remembering things I need to do when I’m not able to write them down e.g. in the shower, driving, falling asleep, and later knowing there is something I was going to write down but can’t remember what is was. I count myself successful if I get most of the things done. And I know tomorrow is a new day to remember more things I forgot, lol.


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