Little Friends

So I have a group of people I often chat with online. Daddy calls them my little friends, lol. We are all littles to some extent and some are more little at certain times than others. We support each other, laugh together, and worry when one of us isn’t on-line for a few days. Our Daddy’s all encourage us to talk often to each other because we have so much fun together ( and secretly I think they like it cause we get some of our silliness out and they get a break to go do Big things,lol) While we have never met in person I really feel like we have been friends forever. After all we know the names of each others favorite stuffies.

We often share activities or crafts we have made. Give stickers and applause for good jobs. Head pats when we are feeling low or scared. Sometimes we just sit and chat about our day. It is really nice to have a group of like-minded people to talk to. We do color party’s where one of use pics a picture and we all color it. Then later in the week we share what we did. It always amazes me the similarities some of our pictures end up having.

I highly recommend finding a group of people you can be yourself with. Of course be careful with what you share on-line. Use your common sense lovies. I share a lot with the gals I talk to but I have also been chatting with them for about two years. We have grown into a good friendship. Like pen pals but on the computer, lol.


6 thoughts on “Little Friends

  1. We certainly do have an amazing Little group. My Sir is so happy that I found you all. I don’t really have real life friends because of my anxiety. But I really enjoy my time with you girls in the evening. Thank you all for begin such an understanding, accepting, supportive group. Huggles to eveybody!

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